Thursday, October 9, 2014

Impress on me the weight of Glory to anchor me.

I know you feel hollow and disembodied like you're floating through your days,

while the mundane present seems so irrelevant compared to the sharp gaping wound,

but you must keep insisting on staying in it.

Give it more space, attention, and import than you give the weighty darkness.

Flip the switch on real and non-real.

Felt reality isn't true reality all the time, nor is it the whole truth of present reality.

We know this constrastly (and sometimes in opposition) as we attend to, make space for, and live by the largely unfelt, invisible reality of Abba's reign.

Insist on that; let it become greater, weightier, despite felt experience.

Oh for that day when that which is felt and that which is true are in perfect, lovely harmony. Every lack will be met. "Hollow" will be crowded out of our experience and vocabulary; emptiness will be no more, when we are filled with his fullness.

Grateful to live with my soul sister, a therapist-to-be who lost precious sleep to sit in the puddle with me.