Wednesday, February 27, 2019

NDA's are a tool of oppression

silencing, and erasure.
they are against public policy.

displaceable tenants in a vapidly vanishing world
walking tightropes through histories not our own
permitted to leave no trace, take up no space

 they've bound you to an altar
 fuel for their falsehoods
 sacrifice and offering you do not desire, 
 but You have given me an open ear 
 burnt offering and sin offering 
 You have not required. 

 where is the book of life?
 attendance is taken. your name is pronounced,
as if for the first time.
 then i said, Here i am;
 in the scroll of the book
it is written of me.

where are you remembered? where is your heart re-corded?
 gather me into your story and tell truly of your handiwork.
 psalm 40 
  many days i would rather
   be a done deed
a dying sacrifice
   than a living offering
work in progress
with sealegs off
 the ark bringing all
your heart soul mind strength
 to look again
 Behold, I Am
making all things Now