Saturday, December 1, 2007


Hooray for December. Definitely one of my top 10 favorite months.

One winter, my brother and I made an igloo. It was so... baller. What a convenient word, to be used in place of anything adjective with remotely positive connotations.

My mood is so entirely governed by the weather, it's sickening and SAD.

Today it got dark at 4PM. The shortened daylight hours constrict the span of time in which I can safely tromp around Harlem. Perhaps this year I will finally invest in full-spectrum lighting.

Today the heavens opened up and unleashed some freezing acid rain fury. Is there such a thing as acid snow? Slushy New York city streets, socks wet and grey, puffy down jacket and puffy down comforter and puffy down pillow are at home.

A snippet of a conversation I once had with a dear dear boy:

XX: Oh my goose!
XY: Oh no, what happened to your goose?

And now I can give a plausible answer: I killed it and stuffed my belongings with its feathers.