Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Keep Meaning to Blog

... but there's too much to say. Or nothing at all. The past few weeks have been in many ways, a break from life. On the other hand, being far away with family has many of its own flusterations.

Sand fleas are viscious
One hundred forty or more
Bites adorn my skin

I am now fully
Certified to scuba dive
To one hundred feet

Visited Maui for a day, Pearl Harbor, Polynesian Cultural Center... Our hotel was a dingy place in Waikiki. Loved the weather and lack of mosquitoes, the rainbows and of course... the PACIFIC FUSION CUISINE. Waikiki has Menchanko which I frequented in NY so I took mother and Josh there. One afternoon Mom and Josh opted to nap at hotel instead of beaching. Sorely disappointed. So I hopped online, got yelled at by Pearl for being on computer in Hawai'i, and went off to the beach by meselfs. Cool.

Grandma and uncle picked us up from the airport. Where is Grandpa...? She says he's watching TV. When we go home, he is not there... We finally coax it out of her. Grandpa. Hospital. Stroke. Days ago. We've spoken to her so many times since, how could she not have said anything? Uncle says she routinely leaves out these updates for us. We visit him first thing in the morning. Josh and I wandered the 12 flights of stairs in this apartment complex searching for WiFi. WEP crackers are hard at work. Can't wait to visit our Atayal friends. Can't wait to hear the aborigine song again that chills your very marrow... Draw you in and set you free. Beautiful people living in beautiful simplicity and uninterrupted community. Grandma has shrunk even more. She must be under 4' tall now. She turned in a few hours ago and I glanced in her doorway on the way out for wireless hunting... There she sat at the edge of her bed that was covered with a frilly mosquito net dome, a shrunken, shriveled little woman in prayer. That's how I want to be at 80. On my knees still.

What We Learned About Koalas
This is too extensive a topic -- to be for another day.

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  1. nice haikus, e.

    sorry about your grandpapa.

    thinking sbout you lots!