Sunday, December 7, 2008

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M'Cheyne was a Scottish minister who designed a 365-day Bible reading plan to take readers through the NT and Psalms twice yearly, and the rest of the OT annually.

I started following this daily schedule when my discipler Irene gave me D.A. Carson's For the Love of God on my birthday.

In these two volumes, Carson slightly modifies the M'Cheyne readings by tweaking reading boundaries in four places and by giving readers the option of halving the pace. He also offers helpful commentary and insightful reflection on one of each day's passages.

Ben Edgington
has designed a server for making the daily readings available as online feeds. I wrote him to request that he add the ESV Online Study Bible as an additional source and he did today. Way cool -- Thanks, Ben.

If your browser is set to remember your ESV SB login credentials then it's just one extra keypress. Go to to configure your subscription link.

M'Cheyne + Carson + ESV SB have been for me valuable and practical tools in the study of God's word, so I wanted to share it here in hopes that it'll be one less excuse for you too. I'll be using this.

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