Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hug Machines

Grey's Anatomy 5x13 - "Beat Your Heart Out"

Dixon: Cows are squeezed tightly in the chute before they're slaughtered. The chute applies intense pressure, resulting in decreased pulse rate, metabolic rate, and muscle tone.

Bailey: It calms them down.

Dixon: It calms them down. The same principles apply to people like me. A hugging machine is used to relax the sympathetic nervous system. Slows the heart. This is good, it's working.

Yang: Oh, so we can stop now?

Dixon: No.

Thank You, God, for the hug machines in my life! Echoes of Your everlasting arms that always catch me between my breaking.


  1. omgoodness. this was my fav part too. i was getting sad and panicky at retreat this weekend and hugged myself hard to calm me down. i'd like to think it worked.

  2. i was torn:
    laugh because ridiculous or cry because for the first time i liked dixon?