Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ohai. Jesus speakings.

Hans Urs Von Balthasar

Is this the God I have revealed to you?!
The self-sufficient God of the wise men of this world, who lacks nothing?
My love for you has put their philosophy to SHAME.
This was the most divine thing about God,
and to show this was My whole concern:

God was free enough to give himself up.

This is how I decided to give Myself... right out of My hand.
I wanted to be the one given away par excellence.
The corpse over which the vultures gather.
The Consumed, the Eaten, the Drunk, the Spilled, the Poured Out.
The Plaything. The Worn Out.
The One squeezed to the very dregs.
The One trod upon to infinity.
The One thinned to air.
The One liquefied into an ocean.
The Dissolved.

This was the plan; this was the will of the Father.
By fulfilling it through obedience,
I have filled the world from heaven down to hell.

and every knee must bend before Me,
and all tongues must confess Me.

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