Monday, August 9, 2010

Inception makes me wanna SCUBA.

After weeks of being a cultural outcast, I finally watched Inception last night with Cat and Eugene.

Overall I feel slighted for my liking of the movie because I feel like the things I most appreciate are not the things being hyped. And most conversations have obsessively centered on determining the right interpretation of the plot, even though it seems to me that Nolan's commentary unambiguously transcends the alternate understandings...

On things like dream-sharing, lucid dreaming, reality, the sub/conscious, I don't find Nolan (even for his own work) or his latest movie all that original. Underneath that un-novel buzz is the real brilliance, in my opinion, and the director does a dearly effective job commenting on typically touchy subjects like grief, guilt, duty, exclusive truth. More on these in some later posts :)

My favorite parts:
[WARNING: May contain spoilers]
  • Visually: the Juno's lesson in dream architecture, shattering the infinite reflections and bending the dreamscape. And JGL and his clothes... all day.
  • Action: 0G fighting in the hotel hallways. So creative! I was very amused as Arthur tied everyone together and impressed with the whole elevator gig even though it reminded me of physics force diagrams. The rotating weightless hotel and the van in the river made me really miss SCUBA diving. 
  • Sap: The final scene between Mal and Cobb was beautiful and probably the truest and most poignant love story I've seen on screen in a long time. Cobb accepts and confesses that this shadowy vindictive Mal was his guilt-ridden projection and that it stopped so short of the real her... And letting go of his version of her, that punitive image graven in his mind, he was able to truly express love for the real, thoroughly-her her. Reminded me of A Grief Observed.

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