Friday, August 3, 2012

On this great thrill of possibility.

Dear Little Sheepish Heart,

No matter how it goes, remember this out-of-body, forward facing elation and hope and gratitude, after how well the interview for the job of your dreams just went. Remember daring to hope that your Father just maybe could be that generous. Remember being injected with such foreign joy, at the mere lick of the possibility...

Remember, He didn't just propose, He promised, and you will know with certainty His certain Yes!es soon. Remember, He did not withhold his Son!

Remember the fuzzy faraway forms, of how He's so laboriously been making you into a trustworthy steward of gifts only He could have willed, coming into slightly sharper focus today. Remember how enslaved you would be if you could boast in these gifts, how enslaved you were when you did.

Remember He feeds you, and He discerns what to you for such a time as this is bread and what for you at another season can only be stones, despite your propensity to confuse the two and to chomp on pebbles. Imagine, if you are thankful for the broken road even now, how you will marvel on that day when He unveils just how just He has been all along. Remember how you glanced backward today and saw a straight path behind you, and an adventure before you. Remember how in these dark weeks, amidst your forgetful fretting, He remembered His mercies, He remembers His children.

And rejoice!

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