Monday, September 3, 2012

We are safe indeed.

I feel like I have woken from a dream. I open my eyes and you are as you have always been -- a dear friend; but I have changed. 
Contemplating the relationship that has transpired between us these past few years, I stand with quiet and joyful sadness. Our lack and abundance. Our understanding and conversations. They make sense now. And I stand in wonder how I did not see, though I am grateful that you have shielded my eyes in order that I may see only you, who you are, always now. 
I see now how and why you have always been so edifying for me.
Two broken children.
We are no longer orphans. No longer alone.
The Lord -- He is mighty to save. We are safe. 
// A letter from a dear friend. March 2011.
Lord, You knew, these dry bones could live.
In Chicago for the weekend. So much joyful resighting.
It's marvelous--God washes these years with His mercy.

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