Friday, December 14, 2012

After Sandy Hook

Sandy is the word of the year. For devastation.
NBC Dateline soundbites are ringing in my ears. a postcard perfect new England town. A phenomenal place to bring up children. Kids were not protected. "but the church was still open... Overflowed. The crowds flocked here." And they sang silent night. healing begins. Town will struggle for years to come with its new identity. Tragedy marks you. People gathered at the pub to share stories and food. Healing begins. clips playing up the irony of Christmas lights on every house in the quaint town and holiday tree sales by the firehouse...  But Christmas was never farther away.
Thinking of Luke 2. The disruptive Christmas. The intrusive arrival of the promise so many had stopped waiting for. To usher in true peace. To shatter sleepy self contentment. Awake sleeper from your grave.
Advent. Is hope

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