Sunday, June 21, 2015

Watched Pixar's "Inside Out" Today

Lava'ed it. Cried, of course. Docter has created something special and valuable. A gamechanger –– in that it can change the conversation by providing a common vocabulary to lift an explanatory fog. He's telling the stories that will capture imagination across generations. Story arcs that depict full humanity. In Up, the protagonist was a dwelling place (house). In Inside Out, Riley('s mind) is a setting. This guy (a member of First Presbyterian Church) gets the elements of narrative.

Filing away:
  • The facts and opinions boxes commingling
  • Gravity moment
  • Abstraction into shapes and colors and swirls
  • Pearls of core memories
  • Threshold moments – formative transitions
  • Joy taking a backseat
  • Sadness signaling for help/comfort
  • Each character had a different driving emotion
  • Emotions coloring memories & retouching them
  • (In/voluntary) memories affecting emotions
  • The troublemakers in the subconscious

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