Sunday, May 1, 2016

Prayer of Adoration

Holy LORD of all creation,

​You are Holy, yet so involved with us.
​You give life, breath, form to dust.
You knew the end, our ends, from the beginning –– creating us each with a name, an interpretation, and meaning.
Dignifying us with bodies, giving us shape, and strength, and clothing
When our efforts to re-create ourselves, or to fashion You in our likeness maim and degrade us, Lord, You show us mercy
You turn our eyes away from ourselves and onto You.
​You are Holy, Lord, yet You allow us to see You.
ou wash our eyes
​, wipe the tears that blur our vision,
​the scars that blind us

​We behold You, and in Your mercy, we are not destroyed, but 
like You in that beholding.​
You are Holy, and yet you are NEAR to us.
​Inhabiting the praises of Your people.
Without You, we hide our hearts in trembling shame. We fail, O Lord, to acquit and justify ourselves.
But You declare Your children righteous and blessed.
You have resurrected us, we celebrate that this Sunday of Easter,
You raised us up with You, so we open our mouths in petition and praise!
Where before there was guilty silence, you give us a NEW song, gathering us from lonely desert wanderings, to ascend to You, together.​
We sing these songs of ascent, and suddenly, we are not alone, but together in the company of your people and your angels, crying out Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord.
Thank You for these songs, that carry our sorry notes of grief, our high and happy notes, our weary/resting pauses to You.
We sing Your praises to ascend to You, and suddenly we are at rest––
for You have descended to us, to the dead, to dwell with us, and give us new life. 
You are Holy, God, and yet you are with us
You labor with us, not only to make us safe from Your holiness, but to make us Holy, like You.
What dignity, kindness
​, mercy, and family
 You have bestowed on us!
Stay in our company, Lord, as we sing these freedom songs, in Christ's name –– AMEN.​

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