Friday, October 14, 2016

–40 Which mountain to climb, on which hill to die?

again, why die on this hill?

the peak has come into sight and relief. since the first step on this particular ascent, the cast die, there's been no possible return.
I have to model ... ways for them to confront [...] without going all scorched earth. They need to see ... how to speak to ignorance, wield their dignity and push back against individual and systematic efforts to define, limit and exclude them. –– Topher Sanders 
i have to be willing. to model. to go first.

will i provide all that i can toward that for which i long and pray?

i have to bear witness.

who will speak for the unspoken for, the silenced? hineni.

remember whom you were following, and what mountain he ascended.
hedge up my way dear Lord.

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