Saturday, November 12, 2016

Robert Frosty snowfall freeflake

I shall be telling this all with a song
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged at a foothill, and one ––
uphill was behind a door and the other one —

You could see from this vista, how pleasantly unfolding
The gentle stroll, well-marked by heavy traffic,
Bridges and tunnels and highways that wound
Surely and safely back down to the plain
down, down where you would gain
your mirage life in the city
of man and for a mundane
thirty-three more years bloom
and build your monuments on the Atlantic shore
pay Caesar's tolls but wither your souls.

Beyond the door, a pounding sound
Someone wants to return from the other side?
Or no, ––not knocking
a heartbeat, a drumbeat,
a beckoning. Who is it?
You press in, unhinge, swing wide the trap
Behind a suffocating one-way gate, the ascending path

Vanished. Pack up your own baggage, pick up
Take up, take heart, and cross
Over the mountain bluff climb
Up above your dread abyss, the wilderness creeps in behind you
Do we have adequate supplies? I got the lighter, did you pack––
Wait, where did my companions go?
Where is my family?
The oil in my lamp burns low
Whose are these dry bones?
There is no bridge here, look though we might
Sunrise to sunrise, and between them, long, long nights.
Certain death awaits, your cargo you hurl
Into the swirl of the sea, o God!
Do you see? Are you asleep?
Why did you lead us here only to die?
There may not be a tomorrow if we sleep tonight

I led you here to wake you from the grave
I met you here to free you into my service
I Love you more than you want
to be loved I stripped
you to coronate you
I fought you to win you
I wounded you to heal you in me
you died in me you again live
This is the life of the world to come
I've already arrived its already begun

Two roads diverged and you
drew a line and pointed
at yourself
the accusations
the Way and the Life
you pointed with your sword,
to yourself, you spoke, you said,
you were Truth, so I...
I took the plunge
into your wounded side and,
my Lord! my God! I ––
I have been freefalling
into Your heart
ever since

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