Friday, May 22, 2009

DPE & DPV Season Finale

The pilot began with something like, "Back when Coney Island still was..."
Which, of course, was so many stories and late-night binges and elaborate rodent trap designs ago
that this screen capture must be sepiafied.

In our last hour as roommates, we stacked the last of her belongings to the curb like sidewalk sale items except not for sale, and then for the first time, did as those on our streets do.

We chilled on the apartment steps, just whiling the time away.

And then her mom's car arrived. And then it was loaded. And then they pulled away. And took the floodgates with.

If we were domestic partners in an Asian sitcom, this'd be the part where the sad but anticipatory strings cue in.

Damn cliffhangers (like Violet in Private Practice) that can even cause a student's desire for resolution and for the next season's premier to sillily (this needs to be a word) overlook the present joy: summer break.

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  1. this would also be the episode where i reveal to you my toe cancer and propose to u before the homies.