Friday, February 19, 2010

Remember your chains.

Though God has forgiven and forgotten your past sins, yet don't forget them yourself. Often remember what a wretched bond slave you were in the land of Egypt..

// J.Eds, "Advice to Young Converts"

In my heart there have been two manners of remembering.

One is paralysis. I wallow in grief over my past.
I need You, I lay my life before You
One is humility. To recall what I am redeemed from...
'cause I remember the life You brought me from
And embrace the magnitude of grace that that took.
... Perfect as You are
May the redeemed, by faith, remember and commit the past to the past,
Trusting in the perfection and completeness of the cross.
I lift up my eyes to see my redemption

Remember your chains
 Remember your chains are gone.
// SCC

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