Thursday, February 18, 2010

swing Your robe down low

my words fall to the floor
as tears drip through the telephone line

the hands i've seen raised to the sky
are not waving but drowning all this time
i'll try to build an ark that they need
to float to You upon the crystal sea

give me Your hand to hold
cause i can't stand to love alone
& love alone is not enough to hold us up
we've gotta touch Your robe

the prince of despair's been beaten
but the loser still fights

& everyone cries for the innocent
You say to love the guilty ones too
surrounded by suffering and sickness
i'll be working tearing back the roof

the pain is a burden
& it's my cross to bear
 i stumble under all the weight
i know You're simon standing there
& i know You're standing there

so swing Your robe down low
love alone // caedmon's call

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