Sunday, March 21, 2010

Inebriate It

they have forsaken the LORD to cherish whoredom, wine, and new wine.

there is a truer escape
a deeper well whose drink drowns fear Ps 91.9
wean Your child from bottles of sclerosis
draw me again to that fountain filled with blood
to believe Your goodness
only You slake and forget lastingly Jn 4; Jer 31.34
and You grant sleep to Your beloved Ps 127

Living Water, rain down on me
LORD I need more of You

we are thirsty, o Jesus
we are thirsty for more of You

Oh! that I might repose on Thee!  Oh! that Thou wouldest enter into my heart, and inebriate it, that I may forget my ills, and embrace Thee, my sole good!

// The Confessions, Book I, Augustine

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