Friday, February 25, 2011

Foundations, 1.

a church cannot be built on a rug.
you know, the one we hide the inconvenient messy truth under.
a rug is not a firm foundation.

to members of the household,
to all who gander at stagnation and stunted potential,
like a band-aid for a gaping wound
was the unbearable filth hastily swept beneath a rug
to those who preferred the silence of the lamb
and that the dog would sleep
who let lies stifle the terrible swift sword--
that immortal, double-edged sword.

a church cannot be built on a rug
the casualties obscure the cost
of Christ Jesus himself

the cornerstone in whom
the whole (non mortar & brick)
structure being joined together
into a ἅγιος temple in the LORD.

anyone who hears these words
and does not do them,
foolish man.

for the fear of the LORD--
is the foundation of wisdom.
see.  fear.  return.

*holy, venerating, reverent, sacred,
not to be profaned
from Greek ἄγος:
an awful thing.

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