Thursday, May 12, 2011

Seeing Saturn.

Should i bike? Or subway? I already did bikram today and have some reading to do... I thought as I maneuvered my bike back up the stairs to my apartment. 1 train? or ACBD? I got on the red. 29 minutes tonight, to Ava's house. Grateful for Ava and Carolyn who've welcomed me into their lovely life-giving friendship. Carolyn is 28, a single VP at Goldman, sweet and unsoured by all the things she could be stressed over. Ava taught in South Bronx public schools before she had Grace, Peace, and Lovingkindness, in Greek, Greek, and Hebrew, who are 7, 4, and 2. She fed me leftover fish, the kids had found it too spicy. You'd think 2.5 hours is more than enough but it sure went by quickly with 30 set aside to pray with and for one another. Stopped by Fairway after Ava's for finals season brain food. These raspberry yogurt pretzels are great! Perfectly sweet n salty. At 77th and Central Park West a group of kind self proclaimed "random weirdos" invited me to peek into their telescope. I looked into the wrong hole on the first try. "Wanna see Saturn?" one guy asked and his buddy said its a good pickup line. "I sure do.... More than i want to see Uranus." One of the guys was wearing a "get real!" "be rational!" tee. He had David Crowder, or maybe Albert Schweitzer hair. The girl hanging off his arm looked like she'd walked straight out of a Free People catalog. Rad. While I waited for the uptown local train home, an A, D, A, D, D, A zipped by, as did 46 minutes, on the express track, to the chorus of misleading automated announcements prophesying an uptown local train 2 stations away. An MTA worker whistled while she swept litter into the tracks, and said there were no uptown local trains tonight. So I had to take the A-train to 59th and go from there. I was glad to get a little reading done, thank you kindle app, as I tapped my foot and groaned at passing trains. And I saw Saturn's rings for the first time this beautiful night. Onto those papers and field notes. A night in the life.

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