Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Many friends have given me WAY too much credit for my short stay in the slums of Sabah. Not that it wasn't glorious... just the glory's not mine.

Let me assure anyone tempted toward such praise with an open admission:
I definitely did not outstay the novelty.

My camera compositions are as subjective as my reporting is selective.
I capture what is newsworthy, new to me.
But a lot of it is familiar too.

For example, I wrote about walking these planks...

but there were also these boardwalks,

and these.

This school,

but also this classroom,

and this one.

In any case, shanty as they may appear from outside,
many of the houses were quite amenable!

with gas stoves...

electric wiring, wall art (including freakin precious moments),
and overhead lights...

floors, ceilings, and safe hydration...

more-than-full meals...

couches, fans...
in the upper left you can see part of the TV's surround sound system!

there and here, i have more than enough.
learning to live with less,
to live simply, so that others may simply live...
so that i might truly Live.
excess is not abundance--
LORD, help me to see true worth.

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  1. familiar does not write stories, it does not move hearts. thanks for this, but thank you more for the novelty