Monday, August 29, 2011


My new roommates are Diana, a Colombian from Queens, and Alena, a black girl from Bronx. We belong on a brochure. Sophomores, to remind me how to love, to remind me of redemption. "Like your NYC... your freedom!" Di said, and warned me before all the cry-worthy parts when I finally watched Tangled this Irene (supermarket stimulus & city-wide binge-snacking Netflix-watching lock-in) weekend. Girlfrands had been nagging me to watch for a while because apparently I am her, JJ thinks so too.
Heal what has been hurt...
Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine.
They note,
1. mother captor "knows best"
2. crazy unstable jailbird breathing free air bipolarity
3. flashbacks
4. "when will my life begin?"
5. big hair & freckles
6. "i'm not scared anymore"
7. "never even knowing just how blind i've been"
   "no. he wouldn't!"
   "see for yourself!"

And of course, she's wieldy with cast iron. I want her forearms, and her magical sing song voice.

Let's make floating paper lanterns!

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