Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Dozen Things I Enjoy

(in no particular order... okay fine, i confess i started out ROYGBIV...)

1) Brita
    Safe(r) water!

2) Moleskine 18-Month Weekly Notebook Planner
    For planning & journaling my life away. Highly recommended for July 2008 - Dec 2009.

3)Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
    Soothing cooling relief for wind-chapped lips.

4) Ciao Bella Maccha Kako Yo Gelato
    Green Tea Ice Cream with White Chocolate Chips -- Never thought I'd say this, but it's better than Maeda-En!

5) Contact Lenses
    Where would I be without my contacts? (There is an answer... It's crashing into poles and people and Polish people.)

 6) Compact TruGrip ESV Bible
    The $5 bible goes wherever I go.

7) Discraft Ultra-Star 175
    We refuse to play with Wham-O's.

8) Google Reader
    New fav aggregator! Norman said it would be life-changing... Thanks man.

9) 0.38mm Pilot G-2
    Great pen! Retractable too... Writes better (better grip) than Hi-Tec-C.

10) Husband
    My husband is black. We like to snuggle in bed.

11) LG CU500
    My cell phone, looks just like the picture except in scratchy purple. It's survived many a beating; I drop my phone precisely once a day.

12) 30-Day Unlimited Metrocard
    Subway/bus hopping fun & making strangers smile when you offer them free swipes!

Are such pleasures too esoteric?

Thank you God for both the simple things and the luxuries that make this life more enjoyable. Help me not to get caught up with accumulating such things when some of my neighbors are so in need, and as having You is already more than enough.

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