Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Lotus Effect

Although it grows best in muddy waters, the leaves and flowers of the lotus plant stay clean. I learned about this today when wiki-ing biomimetics stuff for Tu's lab. The lotus is a symbol of purity in many cultures, and its surface is effectively unsticky for anything (don't know if this includes sticky surfaces... like duct tape).

Argh... LORD, my heart is so sticky for the muck of this world. Free me from their rationale, their values, their systems which they tell me are better than You and better than Yours. Free me so that for me, to live would be Christ Your Son! May He appear, in all the sticky seduction, all the clingy lies, all the gloppy gluey godlessness, all the more desirable & alluring. LORD increase my affinity for You. Tape me to the altar, God this living sacrifice doesn't want to crawl off and get stuck in, tricked and trapped by the world anymore.