Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Have you ever so desired closeness and nearness with somebody that it distracted you from the very One who satisfies and overwhelms with His helloI'malreadyhereness?

Have you wanted? Have you wanted to belong to and to claim a body who you should be pushing to be free of the world, slave to Christ & lover to God?

Have you wanted to be his, his comfort, his affirmation, his other, his help, his... idol? Wanted to be found in him, to know his approval and delight? Struggled against your want to include him and to let him know that he is preferred, desired, esteemed, liked and missed? Did you idolize?

Have you had to forfeit even the right to friendship as you wrestled with these desires, have you wanted in spite of the offering for him to know your affection and for you to understand his?

In your want, did you compromise? More, did you cause another to stumble? Were you impatient?

(Yes to all of the above)

waiting in expectancy
surrendered to Your sovereignty
we're longing for true intimacy, Lord
& for the things of Your heart

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.