Monday, January 28, 2008

Love Your Neighbor

(as yourself)

Hooray! The loud ditzy partygirl slob blondies have moved out. In their place are two German girls on their semester abroad. Welcome Janine & Isabel. These last few days I've been showing them around the city and helping them get acclimated, so that hopefully their first few months here will be more bearable than mine.

Well I hate being here.
My heart is protesting every second of it.
But God seems to be keeping me here...
He could make it seem more welcoming.

But He's not.
Why not.

Even if I'm miserable, will I still make room for others' needs...? Will they be as pressing a priority as my own?

Man... qualifying the great commandment with "as yourself" really ups it several notches. Damn near impossible.

Keep my hands open, God, to give... And receive.

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