Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Adri & I pulled off our BME220 presentation this morning about drug delivery & molecular imprinted therapeutic contact lenses and gosh I'm glad that's over with.

IV end-of-the-year debrief today was the highlight of my day.
"You know... As I've gotten to know you better this past year I definitely see glimpses of how God has wired you in ways and capacities that haven't been realized here..."

-- Savina
My staff worker said this among many other disarming mind-reads laced with Spirit. Her exhortations to reclaim the joy, identity, & security which she recognized I'd lost were much needed. Granted I constantly misplace all of the above, and have seriously needed to be robbed of my sin... But when I've missed the part about trading all those sorrows for the light & easy (I feel like that's a yogurt?) it's been really... I don't know the word. Can't wait to feel like me again.

These past few days I've logged onto gmail only to see a friend's status "hate my life" and a few days later "hate my life still" and I'm not so sure why that weighs on my heart so, and why it's like... nails on chalkboard to see those words next to the red dot. Maybe because I'm often so tempted to say the same... Though everyone expects me to (and I also wish I could) just suck it up and get on with life. Why can't we see past our stuck-ness... It does suck to be there but today is new and merciful.

Very curious... The people that God's introduced into my life here.

Lord give me contact lenses for the soul. Ones imprinted for sustained residence time, for permanence in the tear film, for steady Truth drug delivery.

Did some major trespassing today to retrieve my frisbee that was thrown over a 12' fence. Got yelled at and apologized and called her "Ma'am." Where did that come from?? Better watch myself in case "mammy" or "nyge" slip. And yea the Ultrastar was worth it.

M2M's spicy philly cheese steaks are really fantastic, esp with Shawn & Viv. And mango mochi ice cream.

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