Friday, May 9, 2008

Heart Halitosis

Take my lips and let them be
Filled with messages from Thee

Jesus You breathe life
. You exhale power, freedom
. words laced with life
My speech
. rolls from razored tongue off unclean lips
. reeks of death and fang decay,
. the disease of mineralized sin
You said to extract it
. long before
. the festering yeasty build-up built up
I said no thank You
. my teeth are very useful and
. I rather enjoy the plaque.
. And look! The shiny destruction leaks. Fetid deceit,
. the rotted fruit of schemes and plots.

If You bottled Your saliva, I should invest...
A life supply, stat!
I hear Jesus-spit is good for eyesight too.
I can see the shiny TM already... JesuSpit!
Fresher breath by frenching Jesus! Imagine that...

Salt. Didn't people used to brush their teeth with it before toothpaste?
You said to let our conversations be full of grace and seasoned with salt.

I thought about divine mouthwash after feeling the burn of a too-long swig of Listerine. My tongue is still a little numb. I imagined each little bacterium catching on fire... Serves 'em right. Gosh I wish I could connect all these brain farts into a long... melodious... sonnet (what were you thinking?? ew!) instead of little toots.

Mad respect for writers of spoken word or freestylers, iuno how you guys do it like that. (Cue oldschool DCT: How do they do that?? H-ha-ha-how do they do that?) HAHAHA!

Ooo that's it! I'm gonna write a sonetto. Here's Brooke Fraser on the writing of "Hosanna."

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  1. Hey!!
    weird beans
    i was watching that last week while pro crastin ate ing