Thursday, May 22, 2008


Driving! Oh how I have missed thee. GPS is real confusing; keep left then keep left... Road signs are worse. How the heck do you get onto the Qboro Bridge? The rental Toyota Rav4 V6 drives nicely and just about fits all my things. My skin turns Elphaba green the less sleep I get but I'm past the point of no return. The rents and Aunt Ruth snore in the background. Today my right index fingy incurred a blood blister = noob + folding umbrella. What to do? Feel like there's slug in my finger. Took mumsy and padre to Grand Sichuan, TKettle, Veniero's... Unfortunately they decided to saaaaaaaaaalt all the food at the restaurant and blah, the rents gave me the task of complaining to the waiter which I've never really done but it was quite liberating. On the walk home from dinner/breakfast what? at Tom's Restaurant I thought of that weird worship thought clone moment and funny thing is I think I am the subject of amazing pity love. Oops jokes on me. Packing up to go home. All year long I thought today would never come and here it came and went. Familiar is the tension, irritation, restraint, lack of. A relief. I know how this works I can handle this. I can restate what he just said to you so you hear it even though it's his thought. I can ask you into wanting to do what she wants even though you thought it was a really dumb idea. Can you guys please stop gnawing at each others' necks. Picked up at Vav today, where last I stopped. Finally played with camera today. Many loose ends to tie up at 10027. Contacts have been in since Monday morning.

5/21-5/23 Baltimore, MD
5/23-5/24 New York, NY
5/25-5/27 Chicago, IL
5/28-6/4 Roatan, Honduras
6/6-6/11 Hawaii
6/12-7/2 Taiwan

Mommers woke and told me to go to bed.