Monday, April 12, 2010

Love of a jealous kind, 2.

what art Thou to me? in Thy pity, teach me to utter it.
or what am i to Thee that Thou demandest my love, Ps 8.4
and, if i give it not, art wroth with me, and threatenest me...
is it then a slight woe to love Thee not? oh!
for Thy mercies' sake, tell me, o Lord my God
what Thou art unto me.
say unto my soul, I am thy salvation. Ps 35.3
I am the LORD your God
from the land of egypt;
so speak, that i may hear.
behold, Lord, my heart is before Thee;
open Thou the ears thereof, and
say unto my soul. I am thy salvation.
you know no God but Me,
and besides Me there is no savior.
// the confessions, aurelius augustinus.
// hosea 13.4

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