Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love of a jealous kind, 5.

My child, listen carefully.

I have written your name on My heart

you are Mine

I see the way that you've been hurting,
tired from the weight of your burden.
I want to come and bear your load...

but I see you holding onto tears,
all the questions, all of the fears,
all the things that keep you from believing.

what more can I do?
what must I say to prove that I love you, that I am never leaving?
well I've told you this, but I don't think you heard Me.
so please hear Me now.

stronger than the wind that blows you
deeper than the night that enfolds you
greater than the power of temptation
I will cause the sun to break through
never will I leave or forsake you

I commit Myself to your salvation

and you'll never grow too big for Me to carry--this is a Father's love.

when the fire rises, you will be protected
if the sky should fall, there is shelter beneath My wings

// "promise," kepano green.

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