Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Balaam moments.

Of the times God reminds me of his character he's occasionally more specific, for example to remind me that he's my Father. And he does this with the most loving sense of humor. The uncontrivedness of those organic moments in which he speaks most clearly and unexpectedly--you know the times when God's Spirit wants to mess with ya a bit--only make them seem all the more divine. Like Balaam's talkin ass.

On Aug 8, 2007 I learned childlike faith from a child. Not to liken Katie to a donkey but catchin up with Ed I was reminded of this recorded appointment that I had with an 8-year-old and with God. I was nannying/tutoring her and her sister that summer, and her assignment/project for that afternoon was to let me drill her about what she learned at our church summer camp the weekend before. My tears confused her during our mock interview and she asked why I was crying. Between heaves I wanted to explain because Katie I love you and you're breaking my hearts in ways that big words can't... And you're telling me things I don't want to hear. Why? Oh wait, because I asked you. Duh...

Level 1 Katie is in the purple life jacket.

It had to have been the Holy Spirit speaking.
If you knew her at all you'd know.
If you'd been there at all, you would have seen her fidgeting over her elementary-school attention span, you would have seen my jaw drop and my efforts to hold back or hastily disguise the tears.
She would get up and start pacing, come back and flop on the couch, lay her head on my knee and tell me that GOD LOVES ME EVERYDAY.

E: Are you sure God doesn't think I'm silly for being so scared?
K: No! He LOVES you. Why would he think you're silly if he loved you a lot? very much a lot?? ... He loves you only at a point so much that it's like more than six hundred thousand miles! Well it's not a number! But... more than that! (The faucet leaks.) What are you crying about?

E: I'm scared of how and when and if I'm gonna get there. I'm scared of God.
K: Oh... well just remember. That God is always with you. Esther?

E: Do you think God would listen to us right now?
K: Yes. I'm guessing He feels really sorry for you.

(O_o and =X)

K: Sometimes, you're just kind of a little bit mean. But, then, you are like our sister. And when you take us out to eat, I like it!
E: Do you think God is like that?
K: No, He won't be mean. He will love you everyday (all-out weeping at this point) That's a good thing, why are you crying again? He will let you rejoice and...

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