Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just like last Saturday

Last night and this morning were difficult. To think that summer camp was only a week ago, and yet the blessings and truths ascertained there were already fleeting fast... Added to my growing feeling of disjointness between IL and NY, but more immediately just... how frustrating it's been this summer to feel really disconnected in general because of the very intense and isolating experience that the Greek Institute has been.

It often feels like two separate lives. It can get easy to forget about my family or LWEC while I'm away. On the other extreme I can be so enmeshed and so wishing I were in the other place that it prevents me from being fully present where I'm at.
A sign on our co-ed summer camp dorm floors.
Whose great idea was that?
I visited Times Square Church with Cat now-here-from-back-there today, and was sharing some of these things with her...

The pastor spoke on John 12:23-28...
And in response we sang "In Christ Alone."

I felt reassured as though re-receiving that same gift. In simple ways, God reminds me that His work in me is continuous, that his word to me is unbroken and uninterrupted, and that He is ONE God. So I must worship Him with my one life.

I liked something else the pastor said today that's ringing true as I think back on when and where I've most clearly encountered God: "If you want to experience the resources/power of God, move toward human need" (since God's in that business of saving and healing and all that).

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