Wednesday, July 7, 2010

God really really really desires freedom for me!

LWEC Summer Retreat 2010: Surrender.

St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN.

Sunday night in small group I asked my girls what they'd share if limited to only one sentence, or say, 140 characters, about what God had been speaking to them throughout the weekend. It was cool that as a church we'd all been hearing the same messages via Dave Kang and yet it was clear that God was specifically speaking in unique ways to each person as well... Here are tweets from my small group and Monday breakfast/lunch tables.

Jessica C - God's love knows no boundaries.
Christina Y - When you surrender to God, you find peace.
Michelle X - God accepts us in our brokenness.
Yifu Z - It's okay to break down in front of God.
Pearl H - It's time to give God all of me, not just parts.
Christina H - Peace found in Jesus Christ beats any feeling, person, or thing.
Jane X - It's not all about me.
Steph L - God delights in me.
Jon P - Unconditional surrender to Christ not only leads us back to the heart of worship, but also gives God supreme glory.
Calvin C - Time to grow up.
Andy C - God continues to be faithful to LWEC.
Jimmy K - Whether I deem myself useful or not, if God is using me, I will serve wholeheartedly and fearlessly.
George H - How can I please God if I don't know what his heart wants?
Michael H - I need to surrender my fear of failure.

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  1. God wants me to treasure him right now, even when I don't have everything figured out

  2. What's important is that I serve a God who, despite being scorned and rejected by me, laid down His life for me, so that I can experience eternal peace and joy.

  3. I don't have to be afraid to commit 100% of myself into the hands of the committed one.

  4. The path of following Jesus is not always easy, but it's a worthwhile adventure.

  5. Serve with the right motive: That it's all about Him, and not about myself.

  6. surrender is not defeat, but rather a bold expression of faith.

  7. We aren’t called to surrender to God out of obligation, but because He is forever faithful--truly the best Treasure we could ever obtain.

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  9. We should surrender our fleeting passions and desires to God -- even though they may not be sinful in themselves -- because God is the only one that can fill the hole in our hearts.