Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 61st Anniversary to Gram & Paw!

:o) & (o:
celebrating them here with words from my bro Jonathan's proposal poem from this weekend:

this is an invitation to interdependence,
as two become one and all Glory goes to the Son.
praise due, not to us but to the Lamb who cried, "it is done!"
– because of love.

not an only-for-this-season love,
or a he-bought-this-for-me type love,
not a we’re-both-from-the-barrio,
or here’s-the-prenup type of love,
but an excessive affection that sees
future, present and retrospective.
patient, kind, protective, common and elective,
ever-pushing and pursuing,
ever drawing the same conclusion:
that He is the ultimate bridegroom
who died for me, and for you.

and though He couldn’t bend his knee
because of the nails in His feet,
he dropped His head and proposed –
will you marry me?
and today in this way
miss pan, i humbly do the same:
will you marry me?
and with MJ & MJ's very different weekend
remembering that we are still all a part of the same story,
the same invitation to celebrate to feast to be one with the One.
i believe in happily ever after.

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