Sunday, November 27, 2011

when i forget my name, remind me.

God dignifies us with our True Identity.
Especially when the only images we can see are the veiled corrupt mimicries. 
Especially when wrestling the self and facing sin--both my own and those done unto me, and all the things that persist on earth to steal, kill, and destroy... The loss, death, ruins... oh they could crush our hearts.
Especially in real warfare, the darkness threatens to overtake the light by which the image of God is perceived.
God dignifies us with our True Identity.

Unless I glance at my sin and gaze upon my Savior, in whom my true self holds and is hidden--engraved on His heart that calls and draws me by name. My real name, it is written on His hands, in His wounds that heal me. When I forget my name, remind me.

Your sins do not define you.
Your identity is as a redeemed,
reconciled, justified, cleansed
son or daughter of our loving Father.

dearest MJ & MJ, who remind me my name. i'll remind you too.
so be that, in faith.

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