Monday, November 14, 2011

I still have a dumbphone. And an iPod that I don't use as an iPod. And friends who do the same.

"I keep a running list of the names of people I meet. Look, there's you."

"Daang you meet a lot of people! Is this so that you can look em up real discreetly in your iPod when you forget their names cuz that happens to me... Always awkward." Sometimes when people friend me on Facebook I don't remember having met them in person, it's a real problem.

"You know what else, I keep track of the things I do every day in this note--"

I scroll quickly through the places, dates, sentence fragments. "Wow, I once knew a guy who did that!"

"Really?" He winked and nudged, "He must have been really cool."

"Yes." I pause. "The very best."

GMH. A happy memory trace. Non-flashback. I smile. The psych class has been too demanding and puts me in a bit of a credits pickle for graduation. Would love to stay the fall for Dalli Jen Monet MeOak Sophia too but I don't think I can justify that. I can put away my playthings and grow into my Taiwan dreams.

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