Monday, September 3, 2007

Awake in September?!

Where on earth did August go?!
*Cue overplayed Green Day song*
Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last...

Between Your crashing into my plans and my very frail response... I must have missed the slew of goodbye parties. Life will go on for them. Will they even think of me... Do they even know where I am, how I am? Do they care? Sometimes I feel not just forgotten, but actively ignored.

God what the heck is it that You want me to learn through this all? You. Come and be enough.
I wish I could flip eggs.
Without a spatula.
Can't believe I have to cook for myself.
I'll probably be eating lots of eggs.
Tasty and easy.
Dorm food and meal plans are startin to sound pretty damn good.

It's Ariel's birthday.

It is strange having to dial 630 to check my voicemail.
I really miss my area code and everything that comes with it.
I wonder about 410 too,
And how life would have been like there.
My memory rests but never forgets what I lost...
Baptisms are so happy!
I'm glad I went home over Labor Day, if only to celebrate.
I'm so stoked that Bobby got baptized!

The tourney was fun too and dinner was good at Saint's Alp Teahouse.
Each year the tourney has churned my heart with some Elijah thing or another.
God I'm so glad You freed me from that.I had an Avocado Shrimp thing which was fabulous.
And so was the dollar chicken.
There's a store here too, on 3rd St.

Apparently I have a Chicago accent.
What is a Chicago accent anyway?

What a charming little... no, sprawling, city here.
The lights, the horns.
Everything is loud and fast.
Left, right, up, down.
Lights and sights and sounds.
It's easy to forget to breathe.
Which almost seems okay -- the air is so polluted anyway.
So much to see, do, eat, buy.
So easy to drown in.
Must stay afloat.
It makes me want to go home.
Wake me up when September ends...
I hate how planes stuff up your ears
It's a good feeling the first time your ears pop (owwie) and clear up (whew) after landing.
Such a relief to hear Your voice again
After I've muffled it for so long.
Though the things You had to pop to get to me...
Were very beyond dear.

Airports can really do a better job of recycling.
Actually, everyone can do a better job of recycling.
I've been on 8 flights within the last 2 weeks.
And this cold is kicking my butt.