Saturday, September 8, 2007

This Week in GTalk

My brother, on flying home the weekend of 10/8.

Joshua: you saved us
mom just called and was like
esther is coming home, so me and dad are no longer going to go visit you guys
Sent at 11:14 AM on Saturday

Calvin Chung, on saying "oh I'm sure" when I said I had a tiring first week in NY.

Calvin: i'm being non-sarcastic
travel back and forward is a lot of work
Sent at 12:03 PM on Friday

Mallory Baysek, on the cruelties of Yale.

Sent at 3:19 PM on Thursday

Paul Liu on google chat.

Dad: what's up meimei
Sent at 2:43 PM on Thursday

Ed Hsu, on mutual missage.

Ed: :/ we all miss you a ton!!
i wish you could be closer by
or at least more often visitable/visited
Sent at 10:26 AM on Thursday

Laura Chou, on potential love interests.

Laura: that's confusing you can only pick one
You can't be a sports jock, a softie, and a nerd
that's what categories are for
and not a vinn diagram
Sent at 3:59 PM on Wednesday

Leo Hua, on NYC.

Leo: gotta love the 3rd wheel action
me: but it makes me sick for home or something
not that theres a boy waiting for me at home
but it just makes being alone even more glaringly obvious
Leo: nothing wrong with being alone :o
me: err i dont mean single i mean alone
Leo: yeah alone =P
well it's better to choose to be alone
than to try to make friends and end up alone
nyc is a pretty lonely place
i hope to make some friends someday
Sent at 10:44 PM on Tuesday

James Jih, on Staedtler Triplus Fineliners.

Jimmy: and then finally seeing the benefits of color coded note taking
one look of a boring all pen or all pencil note taking i get so zoned out
and think that these notes are boring
Sent at 10:40 PM on Tuesday

Bobby Wei, on my lasting legacy.

showmethewei: check this out
one of the survey questions that we had to fill out for our dorm building
was what movie/book would you recommend
4) For films, I would recommend either “Remember the Titans” or” Zoolander”. The former is an inspiring story while the latter a classic comedy, bringing spiritual enlightenment to all who see it.
Sent at 10:11 AM on Tuesday

Ed Hsu, on the inner workings of the male mind.

Ed: guys do not invest time on a girl unless he 1) likes you or 2) likes your friend
Sent at 11:24 PM on Monday

Laura Chou, on being feverish.

Laura: the fever is burning away the intelligent brain cell
and yes i do mean "cell"
Sent at 8:08 PM on Sunday

I love love love my funny friends. :)