Saturday, September 8, 2007

Coney Island

Now I can check off on my list of things to do in this lifetime my most recently added accomplishment... Frolic in an old-school sea-side amusement park at night! A very Mitch Albom thing to do. And eat hotdogs at Nathan's Famous, like Kobayashi! Clearly I just add things as I go along. There's actually no organized list, yet. Well there used to be a bunch of lists at but that was such an embarassing blog thank God for delete buttons. I'm not sure I like this whole blogger as part of Google thing. Not quite ready to have it so obviously linked to me... I think I'll keep the separate login for now.

Went to Coney Island tonight. Last stop on the D.

It's not really an island! But according to Wiki, it used to be one.
Elephant ears are not really the ears of elephants.
Cotton candy is not really made of cotton.
I survived the Cyclone & the Topspin with minimal whiplash and nausea.
I got scammed by the carnival game people.
I love the feeling of sand between my toes.
I won a teddy bear.
Tonight I saw the most brilliant fireworks display of my life. I've never been so close before! The smoke was overpowering though and there were occasional chunks of the cardboard mortar shell falling out of the sky. Almost as cool as the fireworks themselves were the wispy ghosts of fireworks past. They looked like smokey jellyfish or daddy long legs, or just really bizzarro clouds, as if a giant invisible Cheshire Cat were on steroids.

Ahhh... The smell of the sea.

Hmm... God I'm so thankful for Vivian.

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