Friday, March 25, 2011

Come and see, you'll TGIF too.

Philip said to Nathanael and I say to you, "Come and see."
You're invited to witness three great things.

  1. "Friday" official MV (Rebecca Black).

    Are you one of the 45 million views on YouTube? I'm... at least 14 of those. So I'm tucking away the most LOL-worthy music video I have seen in a long while for future-me's future web entertainment. In case I forget that such hilarious things exist, the intarwebz will recall.

  2. Friday nights. Did you get the invite? Yes, you. You who love the LWEC children and want them to taste and see, you who feed His sheep.
    E: You don't really want to hear or be uncomfortable, but you have to be the first one if you're trying to invite them there. The Holy Ghost party, that is.
    Pea: Haha yea that's true.
    E: You can't invite them to a party you're not at! Well I guess you could but they prob won't wanna go. I think that's all we can do, is "Come and see, from where I'm sitting."
    Pea: Mmk. Will try to get myself to the party. Thanks for reminding me.
    E: Hahah you'll get there! He gets you there! ... WHICH SEAT CAN I TAKE? BAHAHAHA jk.
    Pea: Omg.... -.-
    E: Just makin sure it's burned into your memory in time for FRIDAY.
    If you could only taste and see, you'll find such goodness that you won't be able to stop promoting the party. You who burn out from ineffective beg-pleading, come and drink deeply. He's worthy, come worship and seek Him with me, it's worth it; accept and extend this invitation.

    Take heart. See and be nourished yourself first. Be the trellis not the Vine.

  3. Good Friday is soon.

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