Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Foundations, 5 -- The Builder.

unless the LORD builds the house
those who build it, those who build it
labor in vain
unless the LORD guards the gate
those who guard it, those who guard it
stay awake in vain 
// ps 127 // is 42

who is near you? the Lord is near you
the Lord of pity, the trampled beauty
he will not leave you, will not forsake you
he brings forth justice
hes not discouraged

i rise up early and lay my head late
he gives rest
he gives rest
i eat the bread of my toil’s anxiousness
he gives sleep
he gives sleep
ive greatly labored but have not achieved
he is your reward
he is your reward
i chose a path but my feet were misled
i host the banquet but i am not filled
i have twice given but have not once received
he will repay you
he will repay you
ive greatly suffered and seen no relief
ive seen a mother abandon her baby
ive seen a lover betrayed and i am she
he groans out for you
he groans out for you

Ive called you righteous
I will take your hand
this I promise
my own covenant
you will see, o blind men
release the captives
come out of the dungeon
those who sit in darkness
I will march out
I will cry out
I will lead you
these things I will do

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