Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Foundations, 4.

"How Firm a Foundation" has been one of my favorite hymns since the it was taught to me at children's BSF, where my mom would drag my easily bored second grade self.  This and "To God Be the Glory" are the only two things that I remember from BSF.  Out of all that they tried to teach me anyway--I also remember an old lady songteacher with a peppery frizz head of hair who smelled like cats and butter, my boredom and refusal to go on Tuesday weeknights, and my brother's variations on the themes, the only other fruits of BSF for my unregenerate child self.

But over the years, its verses have stayed with me.  This too, is grace.  The true words are trusty to fill me with confidence in desert seasons such as this past week since finding out on Wednesday, such as Lent around the corner, and such as... oh just... all of life, you know, no big deal.

For one, we sing, but the bulk of it is from the perspective of God speaking to us, singing over us.  Not of any worthy words we can offer to Him.  My faithfulness, He says, not your faith, will be your sustenance.

He commands His own to buck up, fear not.  Because His sustaining self is there with us, here by us,  Emmanuel, to uphold and strengthen and purify--to prove Himself.  The desert is His task and He is the one who will find our way home.

He is trustworthy, the desert rocks cry.

How Firm a Foundation from The Line via Michael

I haven't come across a fair cover on the interwebs until this one. Give it a spin and send other good renditions my way!

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