Thursday, March 17, 2011

Notes along a mournful mountain climb.


They come.

As waters.
Garrison, NY. 2011 February.
As deserts.
Phoenix, AZ. 2010 February.
As mountains.

Newport, RI. 2011 March.
As goodbyes.

This one, this time, rises treacherously steep. But as the rest, it rises into life. There will be no sidestepping, no easy way through. Nor should there be, for such a prize.

But the path is lit one step and one reach at a time, with the promise of a glorious sunrise at the summit, where light and height flatten all the clefts, all the crags, all the cliffs.

Seattle, WA. 2011 January.
Just a bit farther, longer, onward, upward, is rest at last for aching calves, joy at last for aching hearts. Where the ropes and axes are done away and the rest is a matter of flying, the climb was just a little hike, and the hike was just a little while. CS Lewis, "Man or Rabbit?


It's dark on this climb, give me a new song to rejoice yet.
But I am sure of tomorrow's sunshine,
And sure that it is worth waiting and walking and working for.
Easter sunrise cannot come soon enough to melt the ice of the next 40 days.

sunshine, won't you be my mother
sunshine, come and help me sing
my heart is darker than these oceans
my heart is frozen underneath


You told me I couldn't climb this one looking and reaching behind for the comforts and dear companions of the valley plain; that backward grappling was too tense to not resent. So I hope I'll see you there. It sure would be nice to try, both of us bettered by the ascent.

If not, even so--it will be well; you are not the mountain-top nor am I.

With or without you--I'll rejoice before the LORD, before whom the mountain writhe. I will take joy in the God of my salvation. GOD, the Lord, is my strength; he makes my feel like the deer's; he makes me tread on my high places.

Hab 3, John Piper, Velvet SteelGod make our feet
like mountain deer
to rise and cleat
the narrow path.

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